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A cool new way to move

Commuters in Sydney have a whole new way to move with the state-of-the-art North West Metro now delivering faster, safer and more reliable travel.

This is great news for Macquarie University students living at Iglu Chatswood, or thinking about living at Iglu Chatswood, as Macquarie University station is on the new metro line. Their commute to and from campus just became even more seamless.

A turn up and go service, trains on the metro run every four minutes* in each direction at peak times. The trip between Chatswood and Macquarie University takes approximately eight minutes. With Iglu Chatswood only a two-minute walk from the metro station, students won’t know themselves.

Ultimately the metro will also run between Chatswood and the Sydney CBD, making Chatswood even more convenient than it already is.

Exciting times for Sydney. Exciting times for Chatswood. Exciting times for students. Jump onboard and see why the new metro line makes Iglu Chatswood an even cooler place to live than ever before.

* During the initial settling in period over about six weeks, trains will run every five minutes at peak to allow the new system to ramp up to full frequency.

For more information about the new North West Metro line and to plan your trip you can visit their Transport NSW web page or follow them on Facebook.

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