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Sydney’s most beautiful beaches with a twist

Most people are familiar with Sydney’s famous Bondi and Coogee beaches for their magnificent stretches of sand and iconic surfing culture.

However nestled at the southern end of both beaches exists a swimming oasis which is all too often left unseen by visitors and locals alike.

Bondi Icebergs pool is a 50 meter ocean pool, open almost every day of the year for sunbakers, swimmers, or people just looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s most popular beaches. A visit to Bondi Icebergs should start with a coffee from Crabbe Hole café and relaxing on the white wash steps while you decide if you feel like swimming some laps in the swimming lanes or just take a refreshing dip. It is tempting just to remain on the steps and enjoy the stunning view – binoculars are available at the café and whale and dolphin sightings are common during their migratory periods. Entry to Iceberg pool costs $5.50 for a single pass and swimming lessons, a gymnasium, massage and yoga are all available for an additional fee.

Coogee’s Wylies Baths is slightly harder to find than Icebergs, but well worth the effort. The 50 yard rock pool is located a few hundred meters south of Coogee beach and is set amongst an architecturally significant 1900s Federation style timber elevated boardwalk, providing a wonderful glimpse into a time gone by. Swimming at the Baths feels a bit like swimming in an aquarium at times. As the pool is more exposed to the ocean that icebergs, waves and local marine wildlife all spill into the pool to make for a unique swimming experience. The Baths are open 365 days a year, with an entry fee of $4.50 ($1.50 for full-time students). Massage, yoga, swimming classes and a kiosk are available for an additional fee to make your trip to the Baths a complete relaxation experience.

Author: Eli Wine

Image: Courtesy of Wylies Baths

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