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Where can I get to by bike in Sydney?

Best bike rides in Sydney

Cycling around the streets of Sydney is an experience for every student to remember – whether you’re an experienced two-wheeler, or fresh in the saddle for the very first time. The benefits are endless.

Not only will you avoid all that nasty traffic, it’s also kinder on the environment, plus you have flexibility and independence to explore the city at your leisure, while getting a face full of fresh air all at the same time.

If you’re looking to save some money on your transport costs, and get to know the city streets like the back of your hand – here’s the best bike rides in Sydney to check out.

What you will need

  • A bike. If you don’t own a bike, and you can’t borrow or beg from your friends, there are many schemes to take advantage of such as bike-sharing or rentals. Consider investing in a second-hand bike if you get hooked.
  • A helmet. This is non-negotiable, enforceable by law and subject to a hefty fine if you are stopped. We don’t recommend you take the risk!
  • A decent lock. Sydney is a pretty safe city – but not everyone is always as nice and trusting as we are! Again, it’s just not worth taking the risk.
  • The rules. Here’s everything you need to know about cycling in NSW.

Rides from Iglu Broadway, Iglu Central Park and Iglu Redfern

Carriageworks (1.5km) – Check out the largest multi-arts centre in Australia a mere 10 min cycle ride away from your bedroom. Showcasing contemporary artists and ideas, the extensive program reflects the culture and diversity of modern Sydney.

Glebe Markets (1.5km) – Freewheel over to one of the most famous Saturday markets in Sydney where you can sample delicious new foods, meet local artists and nose through unique fashion wares. Lock up your bike and take a wander through the many stalls. Soak up the ambience and enjoy the happy chaos around you.

Royal Botanic Gardens (5km) – Cut through the centre of the city and head to 30 hectares of incredible heritage listed gardens. Lock up your bike as they are not allowed in the gardens themselves, and spend some time wandering around this city oasis. Home to rare and threatened species, it is a true gem in the heart of Sydney.

The Domain (3km) – Nestled close by to the Botanic Gardens, the Domain is home to many live performances across the year, regular sporting events, as well as the Art Gallery of NSW. The perfect place to settle in for your Sunday picnic, it is well worth a trip to escape the city buzz.

Newtown (3km) – Diverse, bohemian, alternative and uber-cool, Newtown is definitely where it’s at. From bars and eateries to live music, comedy and thrift stores, it is a feast for the eyes at the very least. Pull up a chair and watch the world go by.

Leichhardt (5km) ­– If you love a big bowl of fresh cooked pasta, or pizza that’s reminiscent of the streets of Naples, then Leichhardt will not disappoint. Home to a large Italian community, Sydney’s very own ‘Little Italy’ has streets buzzing with cafes and bars, late-lunchers and gelato to die for.

Rides from Iglu Chatswood

Macquarie University (10km) – Why be constricted by a train timetable when you can jump on your bike and be at your lecture within the hour?

Lane Cove National Park (3km) – Often described as Sydney’s best kept secret, this stunning bushland will make you feel like you have really stepped off the beaten track. Hire a boat and explore the Lane Cove River or take a self-guided heritage walk.

Lane Cove Aquatic Centre (3km) – If you haven’t already noticed, Sydneysiders quite like the water, in all shapes and sizes. With more pools than you can easily count – including a 50m outdoor option – there really is something for everyone here.

Roseville Marina (5km) – There’s nothing quite so relaxing as sitting by the water watching the boats lazily bob about. Enjoy al fresco meals, delicious coffee – and most of all the peace and calm of the waterside.

Looking for more?

Sydney has plenty of longer rides to enjoy that fully cater for the biking community. Head to Centennial Park and merge into the Grand Drive Cycle Lane where you can endlessly ride the popular (and flat) 3.5km loop.

Sydney Olympic Park has over 35km of safe cycling paths that take you through outstanding parklands and cultural heritage landmarks. Choose between the graded circuits depending on your ability and confidence.

Check out the popular Bay Run in Sydney’s inner west for a scenic 7.5km circuit that tracks the incredible waterways at every turn.

For an endless supply of cycling opportunities, the Northern Beaches has it covered. Try the route from Manly Corso up to North Head for spectacular views of the harbour, or simply snake along the beachfront from Queenscliff Lagoon to Shelly Beach. Pack your swimmers for a refreshing dip at the end to cool off.

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