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Getting Touristy in Sydney

Sydney is a city that is made for site-seeing. With really famous landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Luna Park, it’s easy to see why certain areas of the city attract crowds of cargo-shorts-wearing, camera-toting travelers.

But have you actually checked out what they are so excited about? Iglu thinks you should take some time out and have a look – whether you bring along parents visiting town or a local who has lived in Sydney their whole life – follow our guide to the best of the city and get in touch with your inner tourist (cargo shorts not required).

  • Sydney Harbour and Circular Quay If you live in Sydney and haven’t been to Circular Quay, I demand that you leave this computer screen right now and get down there. Yes, it’s touristy, yes, it’s expensive, but put that aside – this is really one of the prettiest spots in the country.
    • Walk around the harbour from the Museum of Contemporary Art on the left (drop in if you have time!) to the Sydney Opera House on the right. On your walk, play fun games, like “Pick Your Favourite Busker” (ours is “Bendy Em” the contortionist) and “Photo-bomb the Tourists” (bonus points if you can sneak a funny face into the background of a family photo). Once you get there, drop in to the Opera Bar down the stairs and get a drink and seat. For less than $10, your seat has one of the best city views in the world – and there is often free live music to put a soundtrack to your day out.
  • Luna Park On the opposite side of Sydney Harbour to Circular Quay, you’ll spy Luna Park – a vintage-style fun park framed by a giant, smiling (and admittedly kinda’ creepy) face. Jump on a ferry and make a visit on a summer night to have a taste of Sydney vintage fun.
    • An icon since 1935, entry to the fun is free – and rides and popcorn are well within the budget of a couple of days saved pocket-change. The best ride by far is the Ferris Wheel, which swings you and your friends up and over the city for an unparalleled view.
  • The Rocks Back on the city-side of the harbour and just behind the Circular Quay precinct, you’ll find The Rocks, Sydney’s historical district. The suburb has cobbled streets, unusual vintage boutique stores and the city’s oldest bars – some dating back to the 1800s!While it’s the best place to get an authentic sense of what Sydney used to be like (complete with toothless locals who spend all day drinking Guinness at the bar), The Rocks also caters to a modern taste, with some really cool newish bars, like the Argyle Hotel, and five-star restaurants such as Neil Perry’s Rockpool. Our pick is The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel, which brews some of the city’s most delicious beer on-site and sells it cheap!

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