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A guide for overseas parents: what to expect

With university entry now just around the corner, there is a huge change ahead that affects not only prospective students, but also the whole family around them.

It’s a transitional time for all involved and with so much information and advice to absorb it can start to feel a little overwhelming. And that goes for the parents too! Your support and interest is invaluable during this period, and having a stable and settled environment at home can be crucial in helping your child set up for the changes ahead.

Whether it’s teaching them to cook, shopping on a budget or learning how to work the washing machine, there is plenty parents can do to ensure the switch is a seamless experience. Getting involved in research around universities and courses, accommodation options and visa applications is a good way to stay involved in the process and understand the different pathways available.

But if you’re feeling a bit confused by it all, don’t worry you’re not alone. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Australia?

Australia is renowned for its fantastic weather and lifestyle, but your first priority is most likely centred around safety and security – particularly if your child is planning on overseas study.

Here in Australia, you are in extremely safe hands. As officially recognised in The Economist’s most recent annual report, both Sydney and Melbourne once again place in the top 10 rankings of the world’s safest cities. These statistics are measuring all things from education and health, to environment and infrastructure – as well as taking into account how well a city can handle urban disruption. Factor in some extra culture and environmental benefits and both Sydney and Melbourne also feature in the top 3 for the world’s most liveable cities.

At a more basic level, it’s reassuring for parents to also be aware that most Australian educational institutions will have comprehensive security in place on campus to ensure the safety of students and staff alike. The benefits don’t stop there! Globally recognised as having one of the best education systems in the world, Australia also offers a wide variety of courses as well as research, training and teaching facilities. Incoming students are well supported during O-Week where they have many fantastic opportunities to join clubs and societies based around current or new interests, and a healthy living approach is encouraged and supported in terms of diet and exercise.

And with so much natural beauty and landscape on offer, the outdoors alone is reason enough to choose Australia with plenty of opportunities to travel and explore in the holidays.

Which type of accommodation?

There are many different types of student accommodation on offer that cater for a range of different needs. As parents you will know your child best and can help guide their thoughts around the most appropriate choice. Firstly, it is a good idea to identify what the needs are in terms of location, transport, convenience and comfort. Once you have broken this down you can start to investigate the options.

  • Independent rentals: There are plenty of share houses or rental opportunities available. These enable a completely separate living arrangement and draw a line of separation from the university environment.
  • Independent living with added security benefits: For those students who enjoy independent living but still require a safe and secure environment there are many purpose built accommodation opportunities like Iglu available. These also have the benefits of a built-in student community on site.
  • On campus: If you think your child is best served staying as close to campus as possible, some Universities have accommodation options available on site.  

Above all, as parents you will want the complete reassurance that student safety and security is a top priority.

Why Iglu?

Iglu provides a unique accommodation proposition for students in that we think like parents, and act on behalf of students. With student safety right at the top of the agenda, we understand that parents want their children to have the full student experience – but to know that they are always in safe hands. And that’s where Iglu steps in. Iglu accommodation bridges that gap between the family home and complete independence, whether you choose a share apartment or private accommodation.

  • Safety: With 24/7 security, secure entry and onsite assistance, parents can be completely reassured of any concerns associated with independent living.
  • Location: All Iglu buildings are centrally located close to universities and transport links because we understand the importance of convenience living.
  • Facilities: With fantastic facilities included on site such as communal areas, study areas, gyms and BBQs, our focus is centred on creating a home away from home for all our students.
  • Community: With regular opportunities to socialise and integrate with others, life at Iglu means that you have an on-site ready-made community.
  • Support: Iglu fully supports all of our residents, and has qualified staff on hand to help out whenever required.
  • All-inclusive: With all-inclusive costs set out upfront, there are no nasty surprises at the end of the Semester.

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Photo by Anubhav Saxena on Unsplash

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