• Bedroom Sleeps 1
  • Private
  • Unlimited
  • Air Con / Heating
Room Features
  • Secure private bedroom
  • Private bathroom
  • King single bed with under-bed storage
  • Study desk, chair, lamp, pin board and bookshelf
  • Built-in wardrobe and full length mirror
  • Louvre windows with block-out blinds

Note: This is a male only International U18 room.

Apartment Features
  • HD television
  • Lounge area with couch, coffee table and ottomans
  • High dining table and stools
  • Full kitchen with:
    • oven, microwave and stovetop
    • large refrigerator and freezer
    • kettle and toaster
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If you will be under 17 when you come to live with us, we will adjust your contract length to provide continuity of accommodation until you turn 18. In all cases, you will have the option to stay at Iglu after you turn 18.

Are you over 18?

This room is exclusively for international students studying at Trinity College Foundation who will be under 18 when they come to live with us. If this does not apply to you, please use our standard application form.

  • $539/wk12 Months
  • $539/wk6 Months

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One Handy Weekly Fee

At Iglu, we offer the simplicity of one weekly rental fee, with so much included, making budgeting a breeze.

As part of Iglu’s warm hospitality, we include:
  • 24/7 onsite support
  • complimentary weekday ‘Cool Start’ breakfast
  • unlimited internet and all utilities
  • a diverse calendar of events and activities


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Please ensure you review the Victorian Statement of Information for Rental Applicants before you apply.


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