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Live cool in Chatswood

Welcome to Chatswood: Sydney’s alternative destination. Combining the bustle of the city with leafy suburban charm, here are five top reasons why you are going to absolutely love living here.

Are you wondering what you should consider when choosing a place to live during your time at university? Location? Accessibility? Convenience?

With your thoughts firmly fixed on getting the most out of your studies, where you choose to lay down your books takes on huge significance. It will be the focal point of your everyday life. The more practical and efficient this is, the easier life becomes – and the more energy you have available for studying. If you get this part right, it’s a total win-win.

1. Your ready-made community

We’re not just talking about the Iglu family now. One simple step outside your door and you’ll find yourself immediately at the heart of the local Chatswood community, a self-contained buzzing collective that draws energy and vitality to the area. Springing from one residential estate back in 1876, Chatswood has retained the essence of this founding ingredient and now plays host to a diverse population blend ranging from young families and busy commuters through to a substantial local Asian community, one that now hugely influences the local cuisine and retail offerings.

2. Shop til you drop

What better way to de-stress after a busy day than to browse around the local retail sector. Now recognised as one of Sydney’s premier shopping destinations, Chatswood will definitely not disappoint and with two major shopping malls just footsteps apart, the opportunities are endless. Duck inside and choose between the magnificent and sprawling Westfield, or hotfoot down to one of 200 specialty stores housed inside the impressive Chatswood Chase. If this isn’t enough, try The Mandarin Centre or the outdoor markets to pick up something a little different. The biggest challenge is how to leave empty-handed…

3. Foodie hotspot favourites

As a centre-point for the Asian community, it is little wonder that Chatswood houses some of the best quality ethnic dining opportunities in Sydney. Head over to The District at Chatswood Interchange for some of the finest in Asian cuisine. Choices begin with the Michelin-starred Tim Ho Wan and continue right through to Mamak’s Malaysian fare. You can even DIY sizzle your own steak at Pepper Lunch Express! But it doesn’t end there. Westfield’s Hawker Lane replicates an atmospheric street food experience with a range of delicious offerings to sufficiently refuel you in between shops. If you prefer to keep it simple, you can’t go past The Great Northern Hotel for the traditional Aussie platter of a tasty steak and a cold beer.

4. Entertainment on tap

Whether you’d rather have a night bowling with friends, an amble around the local bars or singing your heart out at Karaoke, Chatswood has something for everyone. Take movie-night to a whole new level at the local Hoyts complete with powered recliner seats and the Lux Bar – or even have your food and drink delivered directly to your seat. Nice touch! Culture vultures can check out The Concourse for the latest performances ranging from Willoughby Symphony Orchestra recitals to dance and drama productions. However you are feeling, Chatswood delivers an option to suit all tastes.

5. Location location location

Ultimately, truth be told, what we all really want is huge amounts of convenience, whether that’s getting to Uni or finding a late-night sushi option. Fortunately, you’re in luck – this is Chatswood’s superpower.


North Sydney

Why: Australian Catholic University (ACU), North Sydney Campus

How: Train – 12 mins

The City (Wynyard)

Why: University of Newcastle (Sydney); APC; ELS English College; Holmes Institute; Navitas; SIBT; SAE

How: Train – 18 mins

The City (Town Hall)

Why: Central Queensland University (Sydney); Charles Sturt University (Sydney); Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School; Evolution Institute; Kings Own Institute

How: Train – 22 mins

Central Station

Why: UTS; Notre Dame; AIM; International Film School; William Angliss Institute; University of Sydney (+bus); UNSW (+bus)

How: Train – 25 mins

West Ryde

Why: Le Cordon Bleu

How: Bus (533/534 direct) – 40 mins

Enjoy living in one of Sydney’s best suburbs, and know that you can always get exactly where you need to be.

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