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Discover cool student accommodation near Macquarie University

Studying at Macquarie University and looking for a cool student living experience? Live at Iglu Chatswood and relax knowing that everything is on your doorstep.

Iglu offers student accommodation close to Macquarie University in the heart of vibrant Chatswood. Just a 10-minute ride to Macquarie University Station on the new Sydney Metro, and a 20-minute train trip to the Sydney CBD.

‘Fly Free, Live Free’ and get back to campus

Are you keen to get offline and onto campus? Do you need to fly to get there? With our ‘Fly Free, Live Free’ offer, if you sign-up to live at Iglu for at least 6 months, we will pay the cost of your flights (up to $500) and you will get one weeks’ free rent.



You can apply for one of our cool Iglu Regional Scholarships and receive significant rental assistance for the first 12 months you live with us in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. Learn more and apply today.


scholarships available for students from Australia and New Zealand



Chatswood offers a great lifestyle in a thriving community. As a busy transport hub, you are easily connected to Macquarie University and all other parts of Sydney.

  • High security access and 24/7 on-site staff
  • Study areas, in-house gym, cinema room, games room
  • Designer building connected by a large leafy courtyard
Macquarie University - Macquarie University

9.3 kms

  • Train - 13 min
  • Bicycle - 35 min

About Macquarie University

Founded by the colonial leader General Macquarie in 1964 as a deliberately radical and unconventional addition to the tertiary education scene – 50 years on, and Macquarie University is still hitting the mark. Offering transformative learning and life experiences, the Macquarie experience remains steeped in service and engagement, a true journey of discovery and innovation unconstrained by the shackles of tradition and expectation. As the pioneering namesake suggests, the University of Macquarie aims to empower all students by pushing the boundaries of conventional knowledge and embracing a future of possibilities. Just as General Macquarie played a leading role in driving infrastructure, social and economic development in NSW, so does Macquarie University continue to drive the academic agenda today, creating an inspirational learning hub for teachers and students alike that is now ranked among the top 2% of universities in the world.

The facilities

Set amongst native Australian bushland, Macquarie University delivers a diverse campus experience with resident staff and students from over 100 different countries. The green open space around the building is reflective of the room given to freedom of expression and expanded thought, and where Macquarie’s pioneering approach challenges academic conventions. The university has recently invested more than $1bn in facilities and infrastructure which means students have access to world class resources such as the largest academic library in Northern Sydney, and Australia’s first not-for-profit-private hospital, as well as outstanding and world leading cross-disciplinary research facilities. At Macquarie Uni, students are fully considered part of this collective. Many degrees are devised in collaboration with industry bodies, specifically designed to give an accelerated head start in particular fields. Studies aside, Macquarie is equally dedicated to a holistic student experience, encouraging active participation in over 130 student groups and programs. Wellbeing and resilience are key campus priorities and are considered of equal importance to academic merit.

Transport and access

Blending a contemporary university environment with natural surrounds, Macquarie benefits from a truly unique environment. Located just 30 minutes train ride from the heart of the city, and 10 minutes direct train journey from Iglu Chatswood, Macquarie University has become a real student destination of choice. Additionally, the University is surrounded by over 3000 thriving businesses offering students real access into industry connections as well as an immediate alternative to the city centre. With 4,000 car spaces and an on-campus Macquarie railway station, transport and access is simply never a problem.

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You may be eligible for our new Iglu International Accommodation Scholarship Program (IIASP) run in partnership with Macquarie University. Receive significant rental assistance for 12 months while you live at Iglu Chatswood. Learn more and apply today.


Ready to move in?

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