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Experience Sydney – For Free!

Want to know how to have fun in the city of Sydney without having to part with a substantial part of your weekly paycheck? Easy done – let Iglu tell you how!

For everyone these days, it can be tough to have money left over at the end of the week to have fun with. But, with a little research (don’t worry, we’ve actually already done it for you) you can have it all! Yip its true, you really can see live music, score a champagne, and even have dinner – without spending a cent! Bring it on!

Free Live Music

For a classy (and cost free) evening out head down to the ‘Opera Bar (just under the Sydney Opera House) to check out some free live music on weekend nights. You don’t need to sit at the bar to appreciate the talent on show (and can even bring along snacks from home). And don’t worry – this isn’t grandma music! The acts do live versions of pop hits, electronica and lots more and feature some of Sydney’s most talented session musicians. In the inner city, head to Cafe Lounge‘, just off Crown Street in Darlinghurst for jazz, blues and indie with no cover charge – and, as the name suggests, some very comfy couches.

Free Food

There’s no such thing as a free lunch (or dinner), right? Wrong! Every evening from 6-7PM at the Newtown Neighborhood Centre (on the corner of Australia and King Sts), the Hare Krishna Food For Life van mounts the kerb and feeds a crowd of locals and passers-by delicious rice, lentils, vegetables and halava – for free! (As the Food For Life van is a service designed to help out those who are going hungry, if you have pocket change, please donate it to the jar.) Also in Newtown, you can take advantage of the free lunches offered by the Greek Orthodox Church on King Street. With sizable serves of fixed menu items such as beef ragu, on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 12 noon – 1 o’clock, you are welcomed to join the church congregation for a meal. As with the Food For Life Van, donations are appreciated. Of course there is always the option to stay in and grab a free meal – Iglu Students know we put on some pretty cool events, and most offer a great array of free food – so make sure you get involved and mingle with your fellow Eskimo’s… and grab your share of free food on us!

Free Drinks

You don’t need to spend lots of money at a bar to have a drink with friends. You know how people at art gallery openings clutch beers and champagnes? That’s because they are free, often provided by the gallery. Keep an eye on the gallery openings column in the Saturday papers and head along to a show that looks interesting with a friend. Not only do you get a bubbly, but you also get to what could potentially be great art. Be polite – and limit yourself to one or two drinks.


Photo credit: Destination NSW

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