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Be the change – how to make greener choices that count

Saving the planet can feel like an overwhelming task, so it’s no wonder that many of us feel some level of climate anxiety. We want to help – but we don’t know how. And we end up with our head in the sand doing nothing at all. But as individuals, we actually have more power than we think. We get to choose the brands we support, and businesses are feeling the pressure to offer us sustainable choices that align with modern thinking. With the power firmly in our hands, here’s how to make a difference that counts.

Buy less

If that sounds like a strange action point, think again. As the demand for goods increases, we are depleting our natural resources, generating more pollution emissions and increasing deforestation – all of which contributes to climate warming. Inevitably, much of what we buy also ends up in landfill –­ fast fashion, anyone? Resisting the lure of advertising is tough, but try to think before you spend. Identify your needs and understand when it’s just an emotional reaction.  Maybe it’s just a chance to socialise with the world, and a hangout with friends would be just as good. If you really struggle, avoid temptation by taking routes that avoid the shops completely.

Shop responsibly

Buying less reduces the amount of ‘stuff’ we accumulate. The next logical step is to preserve what we own and recycle where possible. Run a quick inventory of your belongings and note where you could make sustainable improvements. One of the biggest offenders is toilet paper. Often sourced from virgin forests, this innocent looking roll is responsible for huge areas of rainforests being razed to the ground. Only to be flushed straight down the loo. The toilet paper industry not only destroys the local eco-systems for generations to come, but it also has a devastating impact on local communities. If you do one thing for the climate, buy recycled or bamboo toilet paper.

Save power

When fossil fuels are burned, they release huge amounts of greenhouse gasses into the environment that trap heat in the atmosphere. That’s why it’s important to reduce our power usage where possible. When it’s cold, rug up with extra clothing before turning on the heater. And when the sun’s out to play, throw open the blinds and let the natural heat warm the area. Similarly, in summer close the shutters and blinds early in the morning to keep the room nice and cool – no AC required. Don’t feel compelled to wash clothing items with every wear – try a spot clean instead, saving water and energy in the process.

Go plastic free

Remove plastic from your life and know that you are doing a good deed. From shopping bags and cutlery to bottles and containers, every bit helps our wildlife and environment. Grab your reusable shopping bags on the way to the supermarket, fill up your keep cup along the way and avoid any over-packaged items. With regulations on single use plastic differing by state, make your own smart decision and avoid it where possible.

Shop little and often

Food waste is a massive issue for the climate because, when it breaks down it releases methane into the environment. This nasty greenhouse gas is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide. By shopping more frequently the idea is to only buy what you need, and avoid overstocking and wasting food. If you do have leftovers, treat them as ingredients and work out how you can weave them into another meal. Composting is also a great way to deal with food waste.

Speak up

Your voice is your greatest power. You have a right to demand transparency from the brands you buy. We all have a right to know how our products are being made, from the source location and materials to the supply chain and beyond. Together, we can make the difference that counts.

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