Always Here

At Iglu, we put people first. Our business is built around supporting residents to develop and grow as individuals while living in a positive and welcoming environment.

We absolutely know that learning doesn’t only come from a textbook and that education doesn’t just happen in the classroom. We also know that finding a balanced approach is key to succeeding across all aspects of life. It’s good to know that someone has your back.

In addition to providing you with a great living space, at Iglu we always want you to feel safe, secure and supported.


All of our properties have CCTV cameras throughout the building in common areas, entry points and hallways. In addition to this, all building entrances, lifts and apartment doors operate on an electronic swipe card system. Access to your bedroom is individually controlled either by a swipe card or a lockable door. Entrance to any of our properties outside of office hours is only permitted to those with a current room key and we have real people available to provide 24/7 onsite assistance whenever required.


It won’t take long to make new friends and feel like you are part of the family at Iglu. In addition, you will have access to our Resident Leaders (RLs) – students who live onsite, employed by Iglu. The RLs are available to talk to about personal issues or any daily stresses. They are trained in a number of areas including senior first aid and emergency management. Learn more about Resident Leaders below.


To ensure you have a truly memorable time while living at Iglu we run a comprehensive program of social, academic, sport, wellbeing and cultural events. These range from breakfasts to soccer to Pilates to CV writing skills to movie nights to name just a few. Hop over to Facebook or Instagram for a sample of the cool events and activities you are likely to experience. And remember to always check the noticeboards and sign-up to your property Facebook Resident’s Group so that you know what is on when.

  • Students helping students. 24 x 7, there is always someone here for you. Resident Leaders (RLs) are students who live onsite, employed by Iglu to offer after hours support, run activities and help create a great atmosphere. This is one of the unique advantages of living in student accommodation. The RLs are always available for residents to talk to about personal issues or any daily stresses. They are trained in a number of areas including senior first aid and emergency management. They also work with the Iglu team to organise a jam-packed event programme that aims to bring residents together, increase cultural awareness, encourage learning and teach new skills – all in a fun and supportive environment. These events include:

    • Academic (e.g. spelling bees, CV writing skills)
    • Cultural (e.g. city tours, international food nights)
    • Social (e.g. movie nights, BBQs)
    • Wellbeing (Pilates, boxercise, R U OK days)

    If you are interested in applying to be a Resident Leader, please chat to the General Manager at the your Iglu property in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney.

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