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Sydney’s Spring Culture

With the cooler months almost behind us, it’s time to drop the coats and scarves, dust off your favourite pair of shorts, and get outside for all Sydney has to offer this spring.

Music Festivals

There are still last-release tickets available for Sydney’s biggest music festival, Stereosonic– but be quick! The few that are left won’t be around for much longer, with the event expected to hit capacity soon. This year’s epic line-up boasts some of the best names in electronica, dance, house, techno, electro and dubstep. In fact, there are so many artists on the bill the organisers have had to spread it over two days! Check out the website for more details, as this gig is seriously not one to be missed. But if you’re still hungry for more live-music action, then be sure to check out the ever-popular Harbourlife. Set to the backdrop of Sydney Harbour, this festival also brings out a number of house and electronica artists out for an evening of blips and beeps by the water. Also, the modest Seasoned Spring Music is an up-and-comer in the festival space but carters to those on a tighter budget. With just as much sun and bass as the rest, this little outdoor romp has the added appeal of donating some proceeds to charity. Goodwill partying? Winning!


If you’re keen on trying something more high-brow, then why not check out some local theatre. Belvoir Street Theatre is within walking distance from Iglu Central and houses some of the finest acting, directing, and writing talent in Australia. There are five plays on the roster this spring: PersonaThe Baulkham Hills African Ladies TroupeMiss JulieHamletand The Cake Man – all of which range between modern and classic, comedy and drama, hard philosophy and light fun. Otherwise, the Griffin Street Theatre is next door to Kings Cross, and could make for a different start to a night out on the town. Best part is, students usually get access to concession prices, so you don’t have to worry about having to break the bank.


If you need something new to wear, then head up to Surry Hills and check out some of the boutique stores around the area. Somewhere (72B Fitzroy Street) has gear for both the lads and the lasses, sourcing most of its threads from designers in Sweden. Standard Store(503 Crown Street) offers a selection of gnarly wears personally chosen by passionate owner Orlando (just ask to meet him!), while Collector Store (473 Crown Street) houses seasonal urban wear from Australian-based designers.

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