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Six ways to stay warm in Sydney

Iglu Student Accommodation tips for staying warm in a Sydney winter

Baby it’s cold outside –­ and sometimes inside too! Winter in Australia is a magical affair and often a welcome relief from the intensity of the summer heat. But contrary to popular belief it does get a little bit nippy, even in sunny Sydney where everyone is traditionally really good at pretending it never gets cold. The stark change in seasons can take some real getting used to, particularly if you hail from warmer climes. But fear not. For six of the very best tried and tested ways to keep you toasty and warm this winter, here’s how.

1. Rug up. Literally.

Winter is all about the keeping warm, but the weather can still be unpredictable. This means layers are your friend. Lots of them. By wearing several items of thin layers the warm air gets happily trapped in between each one, which means you stay completely cocooned all day long in self-made cosiness – no matter the weather. Layers don’t mean that you can’t still be cool, funky and fashionable. Who doesn’t have a fab winter coat or hip puffer jacket they have been itching to wear all summer? Be mindful though, layers can be a challenging strategy in Sydney. Once the morning chill has passed, the sun has a cruel habit of returning back to play leaving us quietly sweating and tricked into thinking summer has returned once more. Don’t be fooled. This heated spell will not last long beyond mid-afternoon so persevere with your layered strategy for maximum benefits.

2. Embrace the cold

With over 230 days of Sydney sunshine each year, we really can’t complain when the cooler weather moves in. Conversely, it opens up a whole new wealth of experiences that often take second place to the beach when the sun is out and summer is in full flow. Use the seasonal change as an opportunity to explore the places that really come into bloom in winter. Try the Blue Mountains or the Southern Highlands for a taste of some beautiful picture-book scenery and villages that brim over with character and charm. Easily accessible by train you will be spoilt for open fires and heart-warming surrounds. Immerse yourself in the legendary Christmas In July celebration and get festive at The Rocks Christmas Markets. Here lies the intoxicating smells and sounds of Christmas, with wooden chalets imported directly from France. Mulled wine and mince pies, anyone?

3. Feed your culture vulture

The best part about winter is that we are forced to stay inside more. But don’t limit yourself to your bedroom – even though Iglu will keep you warm in winter. Flick off that heating switch and head out to take full advantage of the many cultural exhibitions that are happening around the city, as well as to take a sneaky share in their heating. Check out the annual must-see Archibald Prize at The Art Gallery of NSW, or the inaugural exhibition from Kenyan artist Michael Armitage at the MCA. Head to the cinema to catch up on the latest movies or treat yourself to a musical education by entering Opera Australia’s $20 ticket ballot. The weather might force us inside, but it’s the perfect opportunity to branch out into new experiences and feed our minds along the way.

4. Keep it moving!

Shake off that snuggle-up feeling and get yourself outside into the winter sunshine. On the plus side you won’t have to worry about smearing Factor 50 sunscreen everywhere, and on the other plus side you’re soaking up all the Vitamin D you need for a healthy body and bones. It’s a win-win! Joking aside, any natural sunlight helps us to avoid those nasty seasonal illnesses, boosts our immune systems and is all round great for our mental health. Taking regular exercise in the colder months can play a huge role in helping us to beat those winter blues. As well as keeping us out in the fresh open air – rather than recycling the germ-ridden air inside – it also de-stresses the brain by releasing friendly endorphins to race around our body generating that positive outlook. Sadly the feeling won’t last forever, so a regular exercise schedule is crucial in keeping that cycle going. And if you’re not a fan of breaking a sweat, try a nature walk like the Manly-Spit or Coogee-Bondi to keep the blood circulating around the body.

5. Eat yourself warm

There’s no better time of year to indulge in all things warm. From marshmallow topped hot chocolates to hearty soups and slow-cooked delights, it’s the best time of year to warm up from the inside out. Certain foods even have renowned warming properties such as honey, dry fruits, chilli and ginger. And for those really cold days, try an iced coffee to warm you up. Deadly serious. As it turns out, the heating stimulus from coffee has nothing to do with the liquid temperature. In fact, it’s the caffeine’s effect on the metabolism encouraging the release of fatty acids that increases your body temperature. Who knew!

6. Escape the chill

If you still can’t wait for Sydney summer to return, you will simply have to go looking for it yourself. Travel north up the coast towards Brisbane for a dose of Vitamin D and enjoy a much milder version of the Aussie winter the further you get. Northern Queensland enjoys year-round sunshine, but for something closer to home with a city-beach vibe, you can’t beat Byron Bay where there’s so much to do you won’t notice the winter chill when it arrives.

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