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Staying in Australia when you finish studying

Australia is a great place to study and international students contribute significantly to the Australian economy and social landscape while they are studying here.

In fact studies have found that many Australians are all for the international students staying post degree and giving back some of what they have learnt during their stay – possibly even adopting Australia as their new home. After all, one in four Australians are born overseas and nearly 50% have a parent who was born overseas.

So do you love being a student in Australia? Do you think you will want to stay once you have finished your degree? Well the great news is, you might be able to. The Australian government recently introduced a visa called the temporary graduate visa (485 visa) which allows international students to work for up to 18 months after the completion of a degree. The degree, however must be at least two years, taught in English and registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

What are the requirements?

The 485 visa can only be granted once and allows international students to gain work experience in Australia. This is invaluable as it can lead to future sponsorship from an Australian employer or a professional career anywhere in the world!

Another requirement is that you must apply for the 485 visa within six months of finishing an eligible degree. The 485 visa may take up to six months to be granted however students will have full working rights on a bridging visa that is issued prior to the 485 visa.

To be eligible for the temporary 485 visa you must:

So if you want to spend more time living in Australia even when you’re no longer a student, check it out.

For more details you can visit the Australian Government’s immigration website.

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