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Moving to Australia? All your packing essentials covered

The moment has finally arrived – you’re off to Australia! With so much to think about, the excitement of the move can wear off a little as the practicalities start to creep in. What will it really be like? What will you need to bring? Packing to live overseas can be hugely challenging, particularly in a huge country like Australia which not only has different seasons to consider, but also different climates.

If you’re worried about what to bring along, or how to combat the seasonal weather changes, here’s everything you need to know to make your new move that little bit easier.

The essentials

Firstly, make sure you have hard copies and soft copies (stored separately) of all your essential documents with you. This includes your birth certificate, passport, visa confirmation, course enrolment details and drivers license. While this is simply precautionary, it means that you have back-up options in case anything goes missing, or in the event of any confusion over your enrolment.

Stay connected

Make a list of all the electronics you want bring along not forgetting any charging requirements. You will most definitely require a laptop for study and it’s a good idea to make sure your phone is unlocked so you can use a local sim card when you arrive. Think about investing in a Kindle – they are so much easier and more eco friendly than lugging books around. Weighing next to nothing they are particularly useful if you plan on further travel around the country.

If you’re lucky enough to be in a beachside location, a waterproof phone case is a no brainer. Factor in a portable charger so you never get caught short and lastly, don’t leave without your handy adaptor. There’s nothing worse than having carefully packed all the chargers to find a different set of plug points on arrival! All-country adaptors are super useful extras, especially if you plan to travel further. Check out some great options right here.

Think sun smart

The rumours are true – Australia is most definitely a hot country in summer time! No matter whereabouts you are on this continent, it is a universal truth. As such, it’s really important to stay out of that midday sun and to cover up your skin when you are out and about. Include a decent wide-brimmed sun hat and some sunglasses in your packing – that will help protect your face and skin from the UV; and be sure to slap on plenty of sunscreen whenever you are outside.

Make sure you also include some long-sleeved clothing, because even though it will feel warm there is no better protection for your skin than to literally cover it up. Plus, it all helps protect you when the mozzies come out to play.

Layer it on

Australia is a very relaxed country, with minimal expectation around clothing. It’s entirely acceptable to stroll into the majority of places sporting shorts and t-shirts. The climate dictates the clothing and that drives a sensible approach towards what is acceptable and what is not. That said, the summer heat can be quite intense so aim for comfort over fashion. Light breathable materials are best in this sort of weather as they will protect you from the sun but also allow your skin to breathe.

Be warned – there is a change in the air when winter arrives. Don’t be fooled by those bright sunny days as the early mornings and evenings can carry a proper bite in the air. This is when layers are your friends. It’s all about versatility, staying warm in the cool and staying cool in the heat. Slippers are a must in the winter months – if you haven’t a pair to pack already then pick up some UGGs the minute winter hits. And lastly, don’t get caught short without your swimmers and thongs, it’s the beachside uniform you can’t do without.

Added extras

It’s hard to envisage exactly what life is going to be like once you arrive, but try and think forward to what you might like to do in Australia while you are here. If travel or exploration is on the agenda, throw in a backpack or day-bag that will be useful for daytrips or longer stays. A keep-cup and re-useable water bottle are also handy to have, although easily purchased if you have forgotten them in your luggage.

Allergy medication and insect repellent can be useful extras. The pollen count often reaches high levels particularly as summer approaches and if you’re the sort of person that the mozzies love to hang around, insect repellent is a must. They love our hot tropical environs, so don’t forget to keep yourself covered on those balmy summer nights.

A piece of home

Be sure to bring a little piece of home along with you to help you settle in to your new accommodation. It might be a photo, a poster, a piece of clothing or something entirely different. Once the reality of your new life sets in, it’s likely that you will have some moments where you suddenly miss home and family life. Having that small reminder right next to you can be a good way to feel connected once more.

What not to bring

It’s probably not worth packing everything you ever owned . You will need to think about packing light, otherwise your excess baggage charges will be breaking the budget before you have even arrived. For notorious over-packers, you can always investigate sending a box ahead instead.

Photo by Brandless on Unsplash

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