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Now and Then: Guy Lake

This is the first in our Now and Then series where ‘friends’ of Iglu tell us about their university days and offer some insight into how life has unfolded for them since.

Our first willing participant is Guy Lake, the architect behind our fab Iglu buildings.

First thing’s first: where did you study, what was your course, and why? I studied in Durban, South Africa. My course was a Bachelor of Architecture followed by a post graduate year. I took a year off in between to travel and gain work experience. My art teacher taught us about 20th century architecture in year 12 and inspired me to be an architect.

What’s the best memory you have of studying (outside of class, of course)? The frequent all-nighters in the design studio. They were never productive but always memorable!

How did you chill out in-between lectures? Where did you and your mates hang-out? In the surf.

What was life like for you right after graduation? What tips can you give students to prepare for their first year in the “real world?” Getting used to routine was a big shock to me. I had spent the previous six years doing everything I could to avoid it. I’d encourage you to grab every opportunity you can get and give of your best. People will notice.

What’s your biggest achievement since graduation? Professionally it would be the honour of being made a Director of Bates Smart, one of Australia’s most respected design firms. At a personal level it would be impossible to go past becoming the father of two beautiful kids.

What’s the next step for you? What’s the dream? To continue to rise to new challenges as an architect, to work with inspiring people, to prepare my kids for the “real world” and to still be surfing when I’m an old man!

Finally, and most importantly — if you had to pick someone to play you in a movie, who would you choose? Christopher Walken.

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