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The 7 best low-maintenance new skills to learn right now

We’re all spending much more time at home now than we ever thought we might. But that doesn’t mean that new experiences or learning must stop.

One benefit to staying home, is that we finally have the time to tackle that to-do list. If you’re keen to try something new, here’s 7 of the very best skills to take into the post-pandemic future.

1. Yoga and meditation

For many of us, Yoga is that one exercise we know we really should be doing – but it’s also the one we never seem to have time for. That’s all about to change. When your anxiety and stress levels are heightened, you store tension in your body. Exercising releases that tension, and with yoga’s emphasis on stretching there has never been a better time to harness your Zen and find some inner peace. Simple breathing exercises done regularly can also have a huge impact on your mental wellbeing; so whether you’re a true beginner or a seasoned practitioner, open your mind and enjoy all the spiritual and physical benefits this ancient practice brings. Namaste.

2. Touch type like a pro

Imagine a world where you can actually understand the lecture notes you have frantically typed out… a world where you can quickly produce an essay without constantly having to correct those missing letters. Sounding impossible? No longer. As our screen usage increases, so does our need for precise typing. The quicker you can type it, the quicker you can work. Simple. Crank up your typing game with one of the many online tutorials available. Practising little and often is the key to success, and if you want to track your progress, give yourself a ‘before and after’ speed check right here.

3. Level up your iPhone pics

You might not realise it, but you have a pretty amazing camera at the end of your fingertips. If you’re looking to extend yourself beyond selfies and happy snaps, put your screen session to good use and learn exactly what hour iPhone is capable of. Hunt out the best tips and tricks, and invest some proper time in understanding the workings of your device. With plenty of free tutorials available online, this is a great way to inspire creativity, refresh the Insta feed and unleash hidden talents.

4. Perfect your cooking repertoire

If you are that person who shies away from the kitchen, someone who would rather eat spaghetti out of a can than cook with friends – this is the skill you need. And if you require any more of an incentive, celebrity chefs that are also stuck at home are now streaming their live recipes absolutely free to social media channels. Which basically means there really are no more excuses. Join Jamie Oliver and family as they create even more pukka dishes, watch Ohio’s Michael Symon as he promises to turn your everyday pantry ingredients into amazing dishes and even Donna Hay is available online to answer all your cooking queries. Have some fun and adapt recipes to suit your tastes. Write down your favourites as you go along, and you’ll have your very own pandemic cookbook for when this is all over.

5. Learn to code

If anything is coming out of this time stronger, it’s got to be the online industry. Our drive to connect and create communities is unparalleled. Whether you’re into web development, programming or data analysis – or you simply love a challenge – you can future proof your future self by learning to code the quick and easy way. Give your CV a cutting edge with this heavy hitter skill – and demonstrate how cleverly you utilised your isolation period.

6. Feed your inner creative

It’s important to keep spirits up, and exercising our creative right brain is a good way to achieve just that. Learning to hand sew, for example, is a great way of putting practical skills to use as well as being therapeutic and creatively calming. Similarly, learning a new instrument is the perfect way to put our brains to work, as well as incredibly soothing to our soul. Music also strengthens your memory and improves your reading skills. Learning to draw also has many benefits including stress relief and improved coordination – but the best part of all is that mistakes just don’t exist. They merely take us on a different journey. Feeling better already?

7. Perfect your card trickery

If you’re looking for that perfect ice-breaker, just grab a pack of cards, load up a tutorial and your search is done. Manipulating cards is a trick as old as the 14th century, but it has never lost relevance or charm. There’s something intoxicating about the world of magic that keeps us all hooked, even though we know there’s a catch. Perfecting your illusions also has many additional benefits (other than keeping you from going crazy right now) as performing boosts your self-confidence and improves your presentation skills. It also keeps your mind active, entertains your friends and family and gives you particular social kudos amongst your peers. And when this is all over, abracadabra! There’s a glittering career in entertainment just waiting for you in the wings.

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