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Life after lockdown: Navigating out of COVID-19

The year had barely begun before COVID-19 turned life upside down. Within weeks we learned to live differently, change behaviours and co-exist alongside this new arrival. Fast forward a few months and Australia is slowly but surely resuming a COVID-safe version of regular life. Whilst it still early days and things will not be exactly the same for some time to come, many aspects have returned. Together as a community, we can begin to navigate our way back into the ‘new normal’.

From challenge to opportunity

Everyday moments we previously might have taken for granted such as time with friends, sporting events and live music, became luxuries we desperately missed. But in experiencing adversity, we have also demonstrated our ability to persevere, to adapt and to thrive. This sense of relativity means we now appreciate the little things so much more, and it has given us new levels of gratitude and enjoyment, as we step back into the world outside.

Track the study changes

Universities had to adapt quickly, moving courses online. Some students have welcomed the flexibility to pace the curriculum as required. For others it has been made more challenging without the interpersonal teaching environment. Universities and colleges have embraced the opportunity to diversify the learning experience, and as they begin to plan a return to face-to-face teaching, keeping students safe will continue to remain a top priority. This next stage will differ by each university, but it is projected to begin with small groups and will happen across various phased stages. Keep abreast of upcoming changes at your university or college by checking its website regularly or going to our COVID-19 hub. You can also investigate opportunities for financial support, check this provider list to see what you may be entitled to. International students can also seek advice on any relevant documentation required as well as access to wellbeing and support services.

Planning ahead

As we emerge from lockdown, it’s a good opportunity to think more about the future – whether that might involve further study, job applications or career research. Use the time to develop your professional profile on LinkedIn, reach out to relevant industry leaders and keep your resumé updated. Consider how you have used this time in lockdown – and ways this could potentially improve your profile. The COVID period may have changed your ideas about the industry you choose to work in – and presented new alternatives in other sectors that have proved more resillient, or more relevant to your personal experience. It’s a great time to reflect and make changes, but following your passions and interests will always provide the best route to fulfillment.

Staying healthy in mind and body

As well as adhering to all the COVID-safe state guidelines, it’s important to remember to keep yourself fit and healthy on both the inside and the outside. Getting plenty of sleep and seeking out experiences that promote happiness and calm are good companions to see you through any stressful periods. Taking regular exercise is always a good stress-reliever and keeping up with friendships and sustaining that personal contact is a known way to improve mental health. If you feel that you are struggling to cope in any way, there is plenty of support available both through your team at Iglu, as well as from organisations such as Headspace and Beyond Blue. As an International Student, there is also a range of support available if you have any financial or visa-related concerns.

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