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7 fun ways to keep boredom at bay

So here we all are, hunkered down at home as we wait for the proverbial storm to pass. It doesn’t seem that long ago we were jauntily singing Happy Birthday several times a day as we fiercely scrubbed our hands. And now we can barely leave the house to buy toilet paper. We’ve streamed more box-sets than we care to remember, hoovered into the Tim Tam supplies and even Houseparty is losing its novelty edge. But with no end yet in sight, we need to start getting creative with our time and our mind. Here’s 7 ways to break through that boredom barrier – and have some fun along the way!

1. Virtual quiz night

You’re missing your mates. We are too! It’s all very well connecting by Zoom or Houseparty, but it’s not quite the same as hanging out like you used to do – sharing experiences and having a laugh. Or is it? Step up to the podium, ‘virtual trivia night’. No longer do you have to trek out to the pub – the pub trivia comes to you. Brisbane-based Isolation Trivia have taken their regular Man Vs Bear event online meaning that every Tuesday and Friday evening at 6.30pm you can gather your virtual crew, settle on a pun-tastic team name and get your triv on. There are huge imaginary prizes at stake, so be sure to pay attention. If you’re really keen, you can even take it a step further and create your own – meaning you’re good to go any night of the week!

2. Get cooking

Have you ever wondered how sourdough gets so deliciously crusty on the outside? How Jamie Oliver knows exactly what a slug of oil looks like? Well, wonder no more. Those fancy chefs we see cooking up a storm on TV are stuck at home just like us, itching to put their utensils to good use. Now turning their attention to the captive homebound audiences, you can pick up some of the best cookery tips absolutely free.  Check out Italy’s favourite celebrity chef, Massimo Bottura, as he cooks for his family every night, or try Jamie Oliver and co as they stream daily live videos to Facebook. You’ll never shy away from hosting a dinner party again.

3. Embrace your inner culture vulture

No more excuses about time, budget or accessibility. These physical places may be temporarily out of reach, but you can now explore some of the world’s best galleries and museums at just the click of a button. Head to The Vatican Museum and wonder at the incredible detail of the Sistine Chapel, or head to the famous Louvre and choose from a selection of online tours. Take a 360-degree tour of London’s Tate Modern, or grab some guac and chips and hang out at Frida Kahlo’s colourful place in Mexico City. All from the comfort of your very own home.

4. Keep it moving

Confined to our immediate surroundings, it’s more important than ever to keep active as much as we can. We need those positive hormones flooding through our bodies. Variation is the spice of life so use this time as an opportunity to try something new! PE with Joe is the global exercise phenomenon sweeping lounge rooms across the world… Meet Joe, the self-titled UK Body Coach who promises a completely new you within just 90 days. But you can ignore all of this and simply enjoy a whole heap of fun free workouts to set you up for the day ahead. Alternatively, try an online dance lesson with Sydney Dance Company. Lose yourself in music and movement and forget everything else going on around you.

5. Stream a concert

If live music is your thing, this pandemic could not have come at a better time. With concerts and tours cancelled for the foreseeable future, artists have taken to streaming concerts free of charge as they strive to connect with fans through the enforced restriction period. From Chris Martin and John Legend to Keith Urban and Pink, the list is growing fast. Global Citizen and the WHO have now combined forces to launch Together At Home, a virtual concert series dedicated to entertaining fans for free, with live sets streaming to social media. And bringing a different type of stage from a bigger type of House, you can tune in to the new digital season live streamed directly from the Sydney Opera House from Aril 1st.

6. Grow something

Connect with the outdoors while you are stuck indoors and reconnect with nature. All you need is a windowsill, a little bit of sunshine, and a lot of love. Start out with some herbs as they are usually the most compliant and very low maintenance. You can re-use an old tomato carton with convenient holes already in the bottom for drainage. Add some potting mix and away you go. Don’t be afraid to tuck in to your new friend, they thrive on the challenge and grow back bigger and better.

7. Get creative

 Take the opportunity to keep your mind active and learn something new. It might be trying your hand at painting, learning to sew, trying a new language or finally learning how to play that guitar that has been lying around. Whatever you choose, it’s a pleasant distraction from the real world, your brain will appreciate the stimulus – and it will be time well spent.

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