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HSC is done – but what’s next?

It’s the same questions every time: “So how do you think you went?” “What are you doing next year?” “What courses have you applied for?” But you might not even know what you’re doing next week.

So with all the chat going on about the HSC, it can be worth taking a step back and considering your options for next year.

If you haven’t heard already, HSC results are coming out on the 19th of December. That means there’s a bit of a wait before the first round of university offers are released — with the big day set to happen on the 16th of January. Rather than spend the time bitting your nails, pacing around the kitchen, or lying on the floor wondering what it all means, why not start preparing? Here’s a few tips on how to put together some safety nets to take the edge off the stress.

Reconsider your preferences

You might have studied hard, or you might have blown into each test having just read a note or two, but if you feel the exams absolutely bested your efforts, then it might be worth reconsidering what courses or institutions you applied for. The UAC has a really handy online system that can allow you to update your preferences. Of course, we recommend talking it over with your parents and/or a careers councillor before making any hard and fast decisions. Still, it’s better to play smart than be sorry later down the track.

Alternative pathway program

Don’t let an ATAR stop you from achieving your dreams. Most universities offer alternative ways into courses. Check out the links below to find out how you can put together a Plan B:

Apply for accommodation

Regardless of how sure you are about next year, applying for accommodation early gives you the best chance of securing a place to live. Wait too long and you might get beaten by the end-of-year rush. Here at Iglu, we know that many HSC students are still unsure about what is happening next year. That’s why we’re offering a refund on all Holding Deposits for first year uni students that don’t get into their course. Just show us proof from your nominated institution that you did not receive an offer before the 17th of January 2014 and we’ll refund you in full. That way you can lock down a room until you know you’ll need it. It’s our little way of letting you focus on more important things before results come out — like formals and Schoolies.

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