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Aussie brands that give back

Something’s quietly evolving in the consumer space, and the world will be better for it. Very gradually, retailers are being questioned about they stand for – and who they will stand up for. The power has shifted to the people, and it’s our opportunity to think hard about how and where we spend our money. It turns out that we really are prepared to hold businesses to account, because ethical consumerism is very much the new black. Every time you spend, you’re vouching for the type of world you want to live in. Here’s a handful of brands worth your support, doing good along the way.

Clothing The Gaps

A wordplay on ‘Closing the Gap’ – a government initiative aimed at achieving health and life expectancy equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people – this merch with a message strives to unite all communities through passion and a cause. Aiming to elevate the unheard indigenous voices, increase visibility, educate and motivate, Clothing The Gaps uses their brand and platform to offer a range of indigenous-inspired clothing and accessories, with the majority of profits donated to the Clothing The Gaps Foundation. The foundation supports health initiatives in local communities by promoting sport and positive lifestyle changes. A simple t-shirt has never held so much power.

Two Good Co

From a humble backyard barbeque that began feeding the homeless, through to an organic soup kitchen and now a Darlinghurst café, Two Good Co is truly a business for good. Producing high quality food and products, this social enterprise supports women who have had a lived experience of homelessness, and offers them the opportunity to break the cycle. Firm believers in second chances, the power of food and a welcome for all, founder Rob Caslick pioneered the ‘Buy 1 Give 1’ scheme and now collaborates with top international chefs to deliver meals to those in need. Their recent Work Work employment scheme puts those at risk in jobs behind the counter, offering employment and community at a crucial time. Mealtimes have never felt so good or so right.

Wolf Bear Collective

Fans of a fuss-free product, Wolf Bear Collective have perfected the simple design that embraces quality, diversity and sustainability. Their unisex clothing minimises any harm to the planet by using natural materials, water-based inks, recycled labels and recyclable packaging. But best of all, Wolf Bear Collective have partnered with Eden Forestation Projects to ensure that five native trees are planted with each product sold. Regeneration projects vary from forest management and nurseries through to community use, protecting against climate warming and supporting indigenous people around the world. Working with local landowners, Wolf Bear Collective are helping to reduce the risk of fires and catastrophic damage to native land. Available online and at selected markets, this is definitely a brand for the future.

Who Gives A Crap

Hard to believe the humble toilet roll is responsible for so much environmental damage, but every year thousands of trees are lost to this cause – all in the name of a quilted experience. To make matters even worse, the short product lifespan means it very quickly release its carbon into the atmosphere. Just one flush, and it’s away. Not only are we reducing our ability to absorb carbon by chopping down virgin trees, we’re loading more carbon straight back in. Well, not on WHAC’s watch. All toilet paper is either recycled or made from ethically sourced bamboo. And impressively, 50% of all profits are donated to ensure everyone has access to clean water and a toilet within our lifetime – making your private time a guilt-free experience.


Sustainable, ethical and 100% Australian made, Myoni is your one stop shop for menstrual choice and community action. As well as producing a range of eco-friendly period products including the signature Myoni cup, all packaging is completely recyclable and biodegradable and there’s a firm emphasis on creating the best quality product with the least possible impact. Best of all, Myoni commit to giving 50% of profits to community partners as they work to fight period poverty amongst those in need.

Image from Broadsheet Melbourne

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