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5 of the best jobs to have while you study

5 of the best jobs to have while you study

Working while you study has many added benefits. Not only will you earn some useful extra cash, you’ll also learn to balance your schedule, understand what it really takes to interact with the big world outside, and get to grips with the value of money.

Part time work is also a good opportunity to figure out what might interest you in the future – and exactly what won’t. And if you think student jobs are limited to bars and cafes, it’s time to think again. Today’s tech savvy students have much to offer and will make a great addition to any modern workplace.

Here’s 5 of the best student jobs sitting right there at your fingertips.

1. Tutoring

What you will need: Good interpersonal skills, an academic strength, discipline, initiative

What’s in it for you? Tutoring is a fantastic addition to your resume. It demonstrates your ability to translate skills, transfer knowledge and connect with others. You’ll gain all the soft skills that are crucial in the modern workplace. Organising your own schedule means that you get the flexibility to work around upcoming exams and assignments – and if you tutor online you won’t even need to leave your room. It’s a great little earner, and there’s no better way to reinforce your own learning than to teach it to someone else. Once you have a couple of students under your belt, you can even set up a website and officially be your own boss.

Top tip: Look out for ads posted up around supermarkets or playparks. You can sign up for work with agencies, but they will always take a cut of your cash.

2. Virtual assistant

What you will need: Good IT know-how, flexibility, organisational skills

What’s in it for you? Many companies now operate virtually using a team of freelancers to fulfil against the business needs. The modern answer to a PA role is now the VA – and you don’t even need to live in the same country. If you’re always super organised, admin-happy and more than comfortable with computer skills, this is the perfect way to score some easy money. Performed remotely, this job will refine your interpersonal skills, improve your business acumen – and make an impressive addition to your resume.

Top tip: Make sure you keep on top of your time zones if you are working internationally!

3. Dog walker / pet care

What you will need: A love of furry friends, enthusiasm, bundles of energy

What’s in it for you? Earn some decent cash while you breathe in all that fresh air – and get your exercise quota ticked off along the way. Dog walking is the perfect way to make the most of your free time as well as giving you flexibility and freedom to work around your study schedule. You’ll gain up close and personal experience of the animal world and meet a whole new community along the way.

Top tip: Dogs need walking in all weather conditions, so be prepared to step outside, rain or shine!

4. The service industry

What you will need: Good interpersonal skills, reliability, organisation, flexibility

What’s in it for you? There’s many reasons why students love working in cafés, bars and retail – the work is widely available, the hours can be flexible, and you have the potential to earn a decent amount of money especially in those busy holiday periods. You’ll learn how the real world operates, how to navigate tricky customers and how to interpret and react to different behaviours. If you’re confident around other people, happy to handle cash and enjoy a busy atmosphere, this is the job for you.

Top tip: Give your employer plenty of notice around exam periods so that you can manage your working commitments appropriately.

5. Tour guide

What you will need: Confidence, enthusiasm, communication, general knowledge skills

What’s in it for you? If you’re happy to learn on the job and confidently share a story in a crowd, this could be the perfect way to earn some extra income. An ideal way to meet new people and build self-confidence, this type of job is well suited to students who are keen to improve or enhance their performance in this area. Once you have presented to a bunch of strangers in the street, everything else suddenly seems remarkably easy!

Top tip: Don’t worry if you think you don’t have the right qualifications. Training usually happens on the job – all you will need is huge amounts of interest and positive energy!

Or… Try something closer to home

For students looking for something closer to home, Iglu is always looking for potential Resident Leaders. If you enjoy planning social events and bringing people together – this is the perfect job for you! You get to meet people from all different cultures and backgrounds, and you’re never far away when you need to get back to your studies.

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