Student accommodation near the University of Melbourne

Discover cool student accommodation near the University of Melbourne

Studying at the University of Melbourne and looking for a cool student living experience? Live at Iglu, live close to campus, and enjoy everything that Melbourne has to offer.

Iglu Melbourne City is a short walk or bike ride from the University of Melbourne campus, and Iglu South Yarra an easy train trip away. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Melbourne City


Perfectly located in the buzzing Queen Victoria Market area and within walking distance of major universities, transport and everything that is cool about Melbourne.

  • High security access and 24/7 on-site staff
  • Study areas, gym, courtyards, cinema room, library
  • State of the art designer building with ample outdoor space

South Yarra


A perfect example of location by design, Iglu South Yarra’s exceptional building design and amenities ticks every box on any well-informed student’s checklist.

  • High security access and 24/7 on-site staff
  • Study areas, gym, large terrace, cinema room, library
  • Designer student living in one of Melbourne’s hottest locations
The University of Melbourne - University of Melbourne

1.6 kms

  • Walk - 16 min
  • Bicycle - 6 min
  • Bus - 7 min
  • Tram - 13 min
The University of Melbourne - University of Melbourne

6.3 kms

  • Bicycle - 26 min
  • Bus - 48 min
  • Train - 27 min
  • Tram - 40 min

About the University of Melbourne

One of the six original sandstone buildings, a member of the prestigious Group of Eight and the oldest university in Victoria, Melbourne University proudly delivers a broad and liberal education steeped in research, innovation and flexibility. What once began as a cluster of buildings on the fringe of a small city back in 1853, is now a world leading university at the centre of a truly international community. With more than 48,000 students attending from over 130 different countries, Melbourne Uni is consistently ranked by The Times Higher Education as the best university in Australia, as well as number 32 in the world. As a public research university, it is associated with numerous well-regarded research institutes, strongly contributing to society through this work as well as providing an enriched teaching and learning environment. Melbourne Uni aims for all students to make a positive impact on the globe through a proud tradition of excellence and achievement. With the largest cohort of graduate researchers in Australia, as well as producing more notable alumni than any other Australian University – Prime Ministers, Governor Generals and Nobel Prize winners to name a few – the University of Melbourne pledges to benefit society as a whole through world leading education and research.

The facilities

With seven campuses located across the state, the main university campus is situated centrally at Parkville just north of the CBD. Offering a unique study proposition – and one that closely aligns to American and European universities – here at Melbourne University you will encounter the ‘Melbourne Model’. Designed from the outset to offer focus and flexibility as well as a breadth of learning, undergraduates will also study subjects from outside their core learning area. Melbourne Uni strongly believe that this more accurately reflects the changing world, and gives the opportunity to create an individual and self-directed tertiary experience. Creating a framework that connects students with the wider university community rather than just the faculty cohort certainly contributes perspective and communication skills. And it seems to be working with the highest course completion rates of any university in Australia – as well as popularity amongst employers.

Transport and access

There are two central campuses as well as a further five outside the city. Parkville serves as the primary university campus and this renowned area of knowledge and learning has spilled over into nearby Carlton in recent years. A short walk from Iglu Melbourne City, or a quick train ride from Iglu South Yarra and all the city benefits are always on your doorstep. The Southbank campus sits at the heart of the creative arts precinct where the purpose-built facilities also rub shoulders with The National Gallery of Victoria, the Australian Ballet and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. Melbourne’s fantastic transport network means that all campuses are easily accessed.

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