A Guide to Contract Types and Dates

Contract types and start / end dates vary across Iglu properties. In some cases, you will see different date options available for the same room listing. This is because some of our properties currently have set contract cycles due to availability, while others have more flexibility.


We offer the following contract types at Iglu:

  • 12-months (equivalent to a full calendar year)
  • 6-months (equivalent to a half full calendar year)
  • 44-weeks* (equivalent to an academic year)
  • 22-weeks* (equivalent to a semester)
  • Short Stay – where available, the Short Stay option will be shown on a room page with available dates to choose from

* 44 and 22-week contracts are only available in Semester 1 of each year. They are not available for NRAS or International U18 rooms.

The contract lengths available for each room type will be shown at the time of booking.

A guide to Iglu’s contract start and end dates


Where you see this option, you can select a preferred contract start date from the calendar provided.

When you complete your full contract acceptance through our Iglu Portal, you will be asked to provide an ‘Expected Arrival Date’ to give our team an indication of when you expect to arrive at the property.

This helps them ensure everything is ready and waiting for your check-in.


Where you see a specific date listed (e.g. 5 July 2024), this is the date your contract will start, regardless of when you physically move into Iglu. For example, if you plan to live at Iglu Chatswood, where a Semester 1 2024 contract starts on 5 July 2024, your contract and rent payments will start on this date even if you don’t move in until 15 July 2024 (Expected Arrival Date). Where a specific contract start date is set, you will have the opportunity to advise your ‘Expected Arrival Date’, which must be after the contract start date, when you finalise your contract on our resident portal.

We also have set contract end dates and these are shown below the selected start date. In some cases, depending on date cycles, your contract might differ slightly from than the option shown (e.g. a 6 month contract might be 7 months). You can review the end date before completing your application.

Check-in Dates

Some properties do have set check-in days and they will advise you of these prior to finalising your application. In all cases you will receive additional information about these dates from your chosen property prior to finalising your offer and coming to live with us at Iglu.

You will always have the opportunity to stay longer

Our in-house residents are always given the opportunity to renew their contract prior to rooms being made available for each semester. Your property team will contact you in advance of your contract end date to advise the options and steps required to renew.


You can check out our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information about contract types and start and end dates.

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