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Surf’s Up!!

Want to learn something new during semester break? Head down to Bondi and try surfing – it’s not as difficult as it seems with a little help from one of Sydney’s friendliest surf schools.

Until you’ve experienced it, it is hard to imagine the sheer exhilaration of riding a wave: sitting on a surfboard out in the ocean, seeing the right wave roll in, and then when the time is right, being able to get up on your feet and ride that wave into the beach.

Many people describe their first successful attempt at catching a wave as being a ‘spiritual experience’ during which you feel at one with the ocean – and given it provides you with a balance of relaxation and exercise, surfing really is the perfect sport!

“Surfing is a lifestyle. You feel great – spiritually, emotionally and physically. Once you start, you’ll never want to stop,” says Brenda Miley, director and founder of ‘Lets Go Surfing’ surf school at Bondi Beach. Since opening its doors in 1995, Lets Go Surfing, the only licensed surf school in Bondi, has taught thousands of people from around the world how to have fun, all while learning a new skill and adding a little spice to their life with surfing.

Lets Go Surfing offer a variety of lessons to suit everyone from absolute beginners, through to those a little more experienced. The ‘Bondi Surf Experience’ is a 2-hour introductory lesson offered in a group of five persons or less that covers all the basics from how to warm-up, to paddling, to catching waves and standing up, as well as a safety briefing. Lessons include surfboard rental, use of a wetsuit and sunscreen – all for $99 or $89 in the winter months. And, what’s even better news is that if you show your student card, you’ll get a $10 discount!

“Standing up on a wave for the first time since I was a kid was the best feeling in the world,” says Libby, one of the school’s students. “The instructor was really encouraging, and it was fun hanging out with people from overseas and the gorgeous Pacific Ocean was sparkling. I even forgot to be nervous!”

Lets Go Surfing is located at 128 Ramsgate Avenue, North Bondi. For bookings, call (02) 9365 1800 or visit

Image: Courtesy of NSW Tourism

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