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The program aims to help international students settle into a new culture and feel welcome and help create an international network for participants. In this program, we pair and match an international Buddy (Buddy In-Need) with a localised Buddy (Buddy In-Deed) and have a series of objectives over an 8-week program.

The program is voluntary for both buddies and provides a safe and comfortable pathway where a Buddy In-Need can ask questions about university life, Brisbane, Australia, traveling or finding a part-time job. On the journey, the key to unlocking the meaning of some Australia’s slang may be revealed. Most importantly, it’s a great way to become Mates!! 

Stay tuned over the coming weeks to learn about each buddy’s unforgettable journey and great benefits of the program.

Buddy In-Deed benefits

  • Build your global network
  • Improve your cross-cultural communication skills
  • Play a role in making international students welcome
  • Earn a certificate of participation for your CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Volunteer/ internship opportunities at NGOs

Buddy In-Need benefits

  • Easy way to make friends
  • Help you to adopt into a new culture and link with local community
  • Answer all your questions
  • Become familiar with the public transport system
  • Chance to become 2018 Brisbane International Ambassador representing your home country

By Caty Li

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