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First impressions…

It’s just over six weeks since our first students moved into Iglu Chatswood and they are all having a great time getting to know the building, our team and each other.

For many students, this is the first time they have lived away from home so it’s a very new and exciting experience. Things will evolve over time – new students will move in, friendships will blossom and everyone will find their favourite places to hang out together or alone. One thing that won’t change is their first impression of their new home. They say first impressions can be long lasting so we asked our first students a couple of questions to learn more about them, why they chose Iglu Chatswood and what they love about it so far… Here’s what they said…

Where did you live before moving to Iglu Chatswood?

  • At home in Paddington
  • Bondi, Sydney
  • Lilyfield
  • St Leonards
  • In Crows Nest in a share apartment with my sister
  • In Canberra
  • In Wollongong, NSW
  • In Malaysia
  • Iglu Central
  • In Maitland
  • At Balmain
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Where are you studying?

  • University of Sydney
  • University of Technology
  • Australian Catholic University
  • The University of Notre Dame
  • Macquarie University
  • Raffles College Design and Commerce

(There are lots of others too so you can see why living off-campus gives you the chance to make friends outside of your own university and college)

Why did you choose to live at Iglu Chatswood?

  • Great facilities, all new
  • It was convenient for 2 people
  • I love Chatswood
  • I wanted to be around other students and close to home
  • I needed somewhere to live and I found this place. It looked really good, close to a lot of things.
  • It is close and beautiful
  • It’s close to school and it’s comfortable
  • Bigger, rooms are more spacious and prices are more affordable
  • Close proximity to station
  • To meet new people
  • It was recommended by my college and the pictures on the website showed how gorgeous this place is. Also it is very convenient for me to travel to college.

What is your favourite thing about Iglu so far?

  • The interiors
  • Bed. It’s huge!
  • Everything
  • Everyone is so friendly. Staff are very helpful.
  • My room is great and I have met some great new people.
  • It’s good. Everything is close and easy to find.
  • All the lovely staff and the clean, brand new rooms!
  • The cinema room
  • Customer service
  • Everything is new
  • How new everything is, the furnishings and great atmosphere it has.

It’s great to hear that our students are settling in, making new friends and have such a great first impression of their new home. We are sure you would love it here too…so maybe come visit us and see how awesome Iglu Chatswood really is, we would love to meet you!

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