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7 reasons to study in Sydney

Australia’s most populated city, Sydney is always a bustling hive of activity and action. And with a large cohort of students arriving every year, the streets and parks are brimming with a cosmopolitan mix of students from home and away.

If you like the sound of studying in great weather, with beautiful beaches and a relaxed vibe – and some of the world’s best education at your fingertips – this could be the perfect place for you. Here’s 7 reasons why.

1. The warm climate

With over 200 days of sunshine every year, there really is no place like Sydney to enjoy the best of the great outdoors. Exposure to natural light is a well-documented way to improve your mood, and simply being out and about in the sun gets that happy serotonin flowing around your entire body. Sydney’s warm climate is the perfect way to motivate yourself for studying as well as socialising with new friends. If you enjoy plenty of time outdoors, sunshine on tap and that summer feeling all year round, Sydney is your student city of choice.

2. A multicultural experience

Students from all over are drawn to the relaxed vibe and laidback beachy lifestyle which means the city streets are infused with immersive cultural experiences. Studying in Sydney is a unique opportunity for students to experience a modern vibrant city with a range of different cultures and backgrounds – and no shortage of multicultural events, eateries and celebrations on offer. Aussies are renowned for their friendly attitude and welcoming nature which makes Sydney a great option for all nationalities to celebrate this global culture. From Chinese New Year and Diwali to dragon boat racing and beyond, there is always something to experience living and studying in Sydney.

3. An outstanding education

Sydney consistently delivers an impressive array of academic opportunities and is a leading high-quality education provider. The University of Sydney and UNSW are both included as part of Australia’s prestigious Group of 8 (the country’s leading research-intensive institutions), and both universities are consistently ranked as the highest in Australia as well as within the world’s top 70. Add in UTS, Macquarie University and Notre Dame and it’s no surprise that students flock to Sydney from around the world to take advantage of these exceptional opportunities.

4. A land of opportunity

As a large city, Sydney has plenty to offer students both socially and economically. For those that need to supplement their income, the thriving streetscape means there are plenty of opportunities to easily combine work and study. Many courses also offer work experience placements and with many large corporations housing headquarters in the city, employment prospects are good. The busy social scene means there is always something to take part in and new people to enjoy.

5. From beach to bush

The real beauty of living in Sydney is that there truly is something for everyone­ – with plenty to do when you need a break from the books. Get your feet wet and experience some of the world’s best beaches, or simply head to the bush and lose yourself in the natural beauty of the land. Catch a ferry, explore the city streets or try out a famous coastal walk with new friends. Culture vultures can enjoy the city’s world class museums as well as diverse arts events happening regularly across the year. Boredom is simply not an option.

6. Safe and sound

Australia is considered one of the safest countries in the world, with Sydney nominated as the 5th safest city in the world by The Economist’s safe cities index (2019). This is a reassuring statistic for incoming students as it also means that the city has a great healthcare system, good infrastructure and excellent community planning. The additional benefit of studying in Sydney is that there are multiple accommodation options very close to the university buildings. Less travel time and shorter distances to cover make for easier and safer living – giving you more time to study and do the things you actually enjoy.

7. Getting around

Sydney has an unrivalled public transport system which means getting around the city has never been easier. Scoop up your Opal card and take your pick from trains and buses to the light rail and ferries. There is no hidden corner that has not been considered. For all those budget-conscious students, you can jump on a bike and take advantage of the extensive bike paths that link up the city streets. And when you simply want to escape the traffic and get some fresh air, Sydney has endless walks on offer that will take you to the best of the harbour views. There’s nothing we Sydneysiders love more than to show off our most beautiful city.

Image from Tourism Australia

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