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7 reasons to study in Melbourne

Often described as the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne is well known around the world as an attractive destination for students, tourists and locals alike. Drawn to the vibrant ambience and cosmopolitan lifestyle, this is a city where opportunity and adventure lies around every corner.

If you like the sound of a multicultural environment, buzzing city streets and lush green parks, studying in Melbourne is the perfect match for you. Here’s 7 reasons why.

1. Quality living

Consistently ranked at the top of the most liveable cities index – higher than any other Australian city, including arch rival Sydney – Melbourne is unparalled as a place to live and study. The Economist Intelligence Unit liveability rating assesses the quality of living and measures factors that impact our daily life such as safety, the environment, cost of living and the city infrastructure. And if that achievement wasn’t quite good enough to impress, the QS Best Student City rankings have Melbourne sitting up in 3rd place, just behind London and Tokyo. As a place to live and study, it is widely recognised as simply unbeatable.

2. Educational opportunities

Melbourne takes education very seriously and is home to some world class universities. Seven out of ten Melbourne-based universities feature in the QS World University rankings with The University of Melbourne itself awarded 40th place in the world. Considered one of Australia’s leading universities, this prestigious establishment has birthed no less than four PMs, five governor-generals and nine Noble Laureates. Also home to Monash University and RMIT as well as numerous other institutions, Melbourne is a leading provider of education not only in Australia, but throughout the world.

3. Multiculturalism and diversity

Home to residents from over 200 countries, it is not hard to imagine how this amazing city has developed into the multicultural hub that we see today. A melting pot of cultures and diversity, Melbourne is a welcoming city where incoming students from all nationalities and backgrounds can quickly feel right at home. With a strong sense of community and inclusion prevailing throughout, students find it easy to settle in and find friends along the way.

4. Culture fix

The university experience is not simply about the education, it’s about a great deal more than anything you can learn from a book. If any city knows how to deliver a life-enriching experience, it has to be Melbourne. From festivals, art and film through to music, fashion and nightlife, there is a packed cultural calendar to keep you as busy throughout the year. The influx of students from across the world is hugely important in feeding a creative environment and sustaining the cultural diversity that underpins the essence of this beautiful city.

5. The foodie capital of choice

Melbourne is mostly about the food. And the coffee. And the food again. Thanks to the diverse communities that make up the city DNA, there are treats and delights hailing from all corners of the globe with a little of what you fancy available at every turn. From ‘Hatted’ restaurants to cheap eats, the foodie delights are second to none. Try out some delicious Italian fare on Lygon Street, grab some Vietnamese on Victoria Street or settle for coffee and croissants over a game of pétanque in the Frenchified area of South Yarra. And when it comes to ordering a coffee, know your bean lingo and choose wisely. You will be judged.

6. The sportsmanship

There’s only one pastime that beats the Melbourne food scene, and that’s sport. Sport is to Melburnians as smashed avo is to sourdough and this passion runs through the local veins just as the Yarra river through the city. From pro tennis and cricket to the grand prix and AFL, there is nothing that cannot be supported with vigour. Fortunately, you don’t even have to like sport to get excited, you simply have to join in – and in Melbourne this is not a difficult task. The passion of the game takes over the whole city and fills the people with excitement, adrenalin and buzz. Before you know it, you’ll be cheering on your local footy side and debating the league table in between lectures.

7. Staying connected

Melbourne offers a variety of institutions and colleges that are located both across and beyond the city limits. This allows students to pick and choose the type of environment they would like to study in, whether it’s bustling cityscape or rural retreat. And with an excellent transport network in place, Melbourne has no problem keeping people connected. The inner city is easy to navigate with an integrated system that uses trains, trams, buses and riverboats. Getting out to the regional areas is just as simple with the popular V/Line service. International students can also save a whopping 50% on their annual myki card with an iUSE pass.

Image from Tourism Australia

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